Live Video Escape Rooms

Our rooms are now playable as Live Video Escape Rooms! How does it work? One of our Game Hosts will be a character trapped in the escape room, controlled by you! You’ll see a live feed of the room from their POV, as well as live security feeds of the room. Your team will guide them through the room, tell them what to do to solve the puzzles, and hopefully escape within an hour! All you need is Zoom and some free time. Play from anywhere in the world, and invite anyone to your team!


See below for rooms to play in live video! $20 per ticket

For questions, contact Annette at:

Use the button below to book to play
The Attic or Wizard's Lair

Use the button below to book to play
Gold Fever or The Mischievous Nisse

The Attic

Gold Fever


The Wizard's Lair

The Mischievous Nisse