Varmit Log 2nd entry, Jed Ironwoods Journal

Varmint Log: Dastardly Rascal From Jed Ironwood’s Journal: “Of all the mischief makers who crawl out of the woods, this bandit is the only one I can call my sworn enemy. Some days it seems he’s been sent by a higher power just to punish my greed for gold. When I find land with gold […]

Varmit Log 1st entry, Jed Ironwoods Journal

Varmint Log: Red Fox From Jed Ironwood’s Journal: “Fortunately this lil devil has no interest in my gold… Fortunately cause she’s such a slippery thief, if she had a mind to I’d be penniless before I could say “Hangtown Fry”! Unfortunately, what she lacks in gold fever, she makes up for in animal appetite. I […]