Varmit Log 2nd entry, Jed Ironwoods Journal

Varmint Log: Dastardly Rascal
From Jed Ironwood’s Journal:
“Of all the mischief makers who crawl out of the woods, this bandit is the only one I can call my sworn enemy. Some days it seems he’s been sent by a higher power just to punish my greed for gold. When I find land with gold and decide to make my claim, I turn to see him dashing away, my claim stake in paw. When I set camp and strike paydirt panning in the river, he appears to crash through my camp and make a commotion, attracting attention from the bandits who spy on us prospectors. When I’m working some rock on a mountain side, I’m set running for my life from a spirited avalanche… Only to see him sitting on a cliff above it all. What have I done to deserve this lil tormentor?
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