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What is an Escape Room?

An Escape room is an amusement activity where participants are locked in a themed room and must work together to solve puzzles. The puzzles lead the group to a 4 digit numeric code, which will unlock the door and allow the group to “escape”!

How many players?

Our rooms comfortably accommodate from one to ten players.


How long will this take?

Your group has up to 60-minutes to escape.


Are the rooms accessible?



Do I sign a waiver?


You will be asked to sign it electronically when you arrive, if you would like to sign ahead of time you may CLICK HERE.


When should I get there?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to start time. This allows time to get checked in.

What if I arrive late?

It depends, if your entire party is late, and the room is not booked the following hour, we will still put you in the room for your full hour. However, If you are late and the room is already reserved by another group for the next time slot, you will not be allowed to play for the entire 60 minutes. You may choose to play anyway with less time, ending at the originally scheduled ending time, or you may re-schedule for another time when you can arrive at the designated time, 15 minutes prior to your set game start time.

Can I bring my stuff?

Yes. We ask that you do not use your phone while in the room.

How do I book an event?

We would love to have you. Please contact Annette at


or at

Are there other services available for my event?

We can assist you with anything you need.

There are several places in the harbor that can be rented for meetings such as a balcony overlooking the harbor, the main lawn, and several other spaces. We also collaborate with some of the restaurants in the harbor and in Solvang. We will help make your event the best.

What does the birthday party add-on include?

The birthday party add on includes room decorations, a custom sign with the birthday person's name on it, party hats, noise makers, and cupcakes for all of the guests.

What about COVID-19?

Your group will be the only group in the building while you are there. Your host will be wearing a mask and gloves and will stay more than 10ft away at all times. Hosts will be communicating from another room using an intercom system and cameras. Your

safety is our top priority and all rooms will be thoroughly sanitized between games.

Will there be others?


All bookings are private! There will not be strangers in the room with your group.

Each group will have the entire facility to themselves.

Are the rooms scary?

Our rooms are not scary, they are family oriented and fun.



Are the age restrictions?

0-9 year olds:
Parent/guardian must be in the room with the kids.

10-17 years old:
Parent/guardian must be present the entire time they are playing, but does not have to be in the room.

Are we actually "locked" in the room?


There is an emergency exit door in the room that is unlocked at all times. In addition we use intercoms and security cameras for communication with the players.

What if I need to cancel?

Your reservation is flexible. You may  change the date and time of your game at any time. Although we do not offer refunds, you may cancel at any time and you will receive credit on your account with us. The credit will never expire and can be applied to any future booking.

How much does it cost?

$39 per person

What payment methods are accepted?



-Any debit card

-American Express


How do I book?

What if I need my phone?

You can let your game hosts know about your situation, and they will make accommodations.