The Ultimate Escape Rooms

Long Beach

Long Beach

The Ultimate Escape Rooms. Located in the unique waterfront setting in the coastal town of Long Beach. Escape games are live-action adventure entertainment. You, along with other guest (family or friends) race to solve clues and puzzles and escape before your time runs out! Each escape room has a different theme and contains artifacts and clues to help you figure out the puzzle and escape.

Great fun for Families, Date Night, Birthdays and Team Building. Walk-ins welcome or reserve your spot online now.

Games are available by appointment in addition to the below options. Please call 805-857-0777 to schedule for same day play reservation.


The Game Parlor (Long beach Location)

Detectives, we need your help!

A number of people all over California have been reported as missing. We now know a criminal mafia group is holding them hostage. We suspect this criminal organization is masquerading itself as a mobile game room company. They offer fun games to innocent people, who once loaded into the mobile game room vehicle, are never seen again!!!

We have located one such mobile game room nearby, and booked an event for you to play it

Once you are inside, find out three things:

  • How are they incapacitating the hostages?
  • Where are they taking them?
  • Who is their Big Boss?

You have only 60 minutes uncover this information. So, get in there and stop this criminal group, rescue the hostages, and make sure you get out of there alive!

We’re counting on you, detectives!

Difficulty Level
Advanced 80%