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The Ultimate Escape Rooms are a fun, physical, adventurous way to challenge your mind. Each room has a different theme. There are eight people in each room; when the door locks you have 60 minutes to solve a series of puzzles using the elements of the room.

To book your visit: Go to our booking page using the button below. Also, make sure you print & sign the waiver before you arrive. That makes everything move more smoothly.


Our Rooms


Events & Promotions

Use Promo code MIL20 at checkout for $20 games.
At least 1 member of your party must show
proof of active or veteran military status
. . .
Buy two tickets to The Ultimate Escape Rooms
and get buy one get one fifty percent off entree
at The Greek or Margarita Villa.
Redeemable for one week after booking.
Receive a mini dessert on a weekday.


Contact us

1591 Spinnaker Drive #117 C
Ventura, CA 93001
Enter parking Lot #3