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Adventure Activities for Every Season in Long Beach

Adventure Activities for Every Season in Long Beach

Long Beach, located along the scenic California coastline, provides a plethora of adventure activities that may be done all year. This dynamic city provides something for everyone in every season, whether you’re a thrill seeker, a nature enthusiast, or just trying to make great memories.


Long Beach comes alive with a range of outdoor diversions appropriate for spring as the temperatures begin to rise.

Kayaking in Naples canals

The lovely Naples Canals are best explored by kayak in the spring. Paddle around the peaceful rivers, which are flanked by gorgeous residences and rich flora. Keep a look out for marine life, such as brightly colored fish and lively seals.

Whale watching tours

The migration of gray whales along the California coast begins in the spring. Join a whale-watching cruise to see these amazing creatures as they migrate north to feed. It’s an unforgettable event you won’t want to miss.

Belmont shore beachfront biking

Ride your bike along the picturesque Belmont Shore Beachfront. It’s a terrific way to enjoy the outdoors and soak up the sun, with the ocean wind in your hair and the gorgeous sights.


When summer approaches, Long Beach changes into a water sports and beach lovers’ paradise.

Jet skiing and parasailing

Are you feeling daring? Along the shore, try jet skiing or paragliding. You will experience an adrenaline rush as well as magnificent views of Long Beach and the Pacific Ocean.

Beach volleyball

Long Beach has many beautiful beaches, making it ideal for a game of beach volleyball. Gather your pals and engage in some friendly rivalry in the sun.

Sailing at Alamitos Bay

At Alamitos Bay, you may learn to sail or rent a boat. The tranquil seas and consistent breezes make it an ideal spot for sailors of all ability levels.


Long Beach provides a unique combination of recreational and cultural adventures as summer fades into October.

Naples Island Gondola ride

Take a gondola ride across the picturesque canals of Naples Island to experience the beauty of Italy in Long Beach. The autumn foliage enhances the charm of this romantic excursion.

El Dorado Nature Center

Explore the El Dorado Nature Center for a more peaceful excursion. The fall season provides a burst of color to the environment, making it excellent for trekking and bird-watching.

Long Beach Antique Market

Visit the Long Beach Antique Market, one of Southern California’s largest antique marketplaces. In the middle of the wonderful fall weather, look for treasures, one-of-a-kind items, and vintage collectibles.


Long Beach continues to provide entertaining activities and retreats from the winter chill even during the lower months.

Aquarium of the Pacific

Visit the Aquarium of the Pacific, which houses a wide variety of aquatic species. It’s a terrific family-friendly winter activity to explore the indoor exhibits and see exciting presentations.

Whale watching

The gray whales return in the winter as they move south. Take another whale-watching cruise to see these magnificent creatures in their natural environment.

Queen Mary’s chill

Head to the Queen Mary’s Chill event for a one-of-a-kind winter experience. This yearly event includes an ice skating rink, ice tubing, and a charming holiday town, ideal for getting into the holiday spirit.

Year-round adventure: The Ultimate Escape Rooms

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