The Ultimate Escape Rooms


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an Escape Room?

An Escape room is an amusement activity where participants are locked in a themed room and must work together to solve puzzles. The puzzles lead the group to a 4 digit numeric code, which will unlock the door and allow the group to “escape”!

What about COVID-19?

Your group will be the only group in the room while you are there. Your host will be wearing a mask and gloves and will stay more than 10ft away at all times. Hosts will be communicating from another room using an intercom system and cameras. Your safety is our top priority and all rooms will be thoroughly sanitized between games.

How long will this take?

Your group has up to 60-minutes to escape. We recommend you allow 15 minutes in advance and 15 minutes at the end in your schedule for checking in and debriefing/photos.

Are the rooms scary?

Our rooms are not scary, they are family oriented and fun.

Are the rooms wheelchair accessible?


Do I sign a waiver?


You will be asked to sign it electronically when you arrive, if you would like to sign ahead of time you may

What does the birthday party add-on include?

The birthday party add on includes room decorations, a custom sign with the birthday person's name on it, party hats, noise makers, and a small edible treat for all of the guests.

What if I need my phone?

You can let your game hosts know about your situation, and they will make accommodations.