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The Ultimate Escape Rooms. Located in the fairy tale town of Solvang. Escape games are live-action adventure entertainment. You, along with other guest (family or friends) race to solve clues and puzzles and escape before your time runs out! Each escape room has a different theme and contains artifacts and clues to help you figure out the puzzle and escape. Great fun for Families, Date Night, Birthdays and Team Building. Walk-ins welcome or reserve your spot online now.

Games are available by appointment in addition to the below options. Please call 805-857-0777 to schedule for same day play reservation.


Phantom of the big top (Solvang Location)

A circus troupe arrived at the edge of a town called solvang, (seeming overnight and unannounced) claiming to be: “The Ultimate circus experience”.
People are skeptical and curious. There has been a rumor of a Carnival arriving at the edge of towns unexpectedly circling the internet. This rumor describes amusements that could only exist in dreams, and baffling feats that are right out of the scariest nightmares. But when people who’ve attended are asked about the big top show the answer is always the same: “You have to see it to believe it!”.
Come one! Come all” witness the grandest spectacles as Ella’s Mental Circus Presents: “Phantom of the Big Top.”
Difficulty Level
Advanced 80%

Gold Fever (Solvang Location)

The California gold rush of 1849 left everyone with gold fever. Jed Ironwood made his way west like so many others to strike it rich. According to legend Jed told stories of one particularly prosperous day. What happened to Jed and his gold is a tale that only the walls of this cabin know. Unfortunately for you a notorious gunslinger nicknamed. The Rattlesnake kid has also heard the tale and is rumored to be on his way to this very cabin.
Difficulty Level
Intermediate 39%

The Mischievous Nisse (Solvang Location)

It is that time of year again. When family converges on the holiday house in the countryside. You all could use some time together as it has been several years since everyone in the family has been there at the same time. You head over to the village market in order to get into the spirit. While enjoying the sights and smells of the season you agree that this year will be less about tradition, and more about having a relaxing, casual celebration without all the usual expectations.
Upon returning home you find out that your family Nisse is not happy with your decision, and has other plans up his sleeve for Jul. According to him your family home has kept up traditions for generations, and you will not be the first to break that. In order to escape his mischief you must create a Christmas atmosphere to celebrate with all the traditions kept up.
Difficulty Level
Beginner 23%