The Ultimate Escape Rooms

Marina Del Rey

Marina Del Rey

The Ultimate Escape Rooms. Located in the seaside community of Marina del Rey – the Marina of the King. Enjoy escape room games in this recreation destination for live-action adventure entertainment. Bring your family, friends or co-workers in this thrilling race to solve clues and puzzles and escape before your time runs out!

Great fun for Birthdays, Anniversaries and Corporate team building events in Marina del Rey. Walk-ins welcome or reserve your spot online now.


Murder in London

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Secrets of the Pharaohs

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Demented Doctor

Harvard undergraduate Ryan Smith, a promising, young student of computer science has gone missing. You are Ryan Smith’s close friends who, despairing that the police will never find Ryan, decide to take matters into your own hands to investigate.

Ryan is a model student, but as his friends, you all noticed him acting a little weird lately. Together, you conclude that everything went bad for Ryan after he became a volunteer in Dr. Aheid’s mind-enhancement research-study here on campus. At first, Ryan claims to have benefited from the experiment and said he felt like his brain was on overdrive even though, during therapy, the gas also made him fall fast asleep.

Eventually though, Ryan began having vivid waking nightmares and became increasingly paranoid. Unsure if it was a dream Ryan once claimed to have woken up during the experiment to Dr. Aheid and his assistant having a ferocious fight over who should get the bigger cut selling the experimental gas to their shadowy foreign client. It wasn’t long after this that he went missing.

 With the help of Ryan’s best friend and roommate, Huxley the computer hacker, you steal the janitor’s keys and quietly sneak into The Demented Dr. Aheid’s office to discover the truth.
Difficulty Level
Advanced 80%