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The Attic

The Attic

About The Experience

The Attic is a mystery themed escape game designed and conceptualized by The Ultimate Escape Rooms.

Your family warned you about going to the attic. As a child you were told never to go up there! Now as an adult your curiosity finally got the best of you.

All hell has broken loose, and you are trapped inside.

You must escape in 60 minutes or face the horrible truths about your family.

Can you escape these wicked secrets?
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My first ever escape room and it was so enjoyable. The staff were so accommodating and friendly.My friends and I did the Attic. The clues were rather amusing and easy to find coz it required the help of everybody in our team to figure it out.We will come back to try the other rooms!
Rowe Wena
This was my first escape room experience and did it with family members when visiting Ventura. Found it very challenging and fun and would definitely want to try this again. We sadly didn't escape The Attic but were very close but probably should have asked for help with clues more often. A bit surprised by the $39/person charge for 1 hour of fun.
Had so much fun even though we failed miserably! We apparently didn't have our coffee that morning. There were 4 different theme rooms and we chose THE ATTIC. Surprisingly, it did look like a legitimate attic! Clever backstory with appropriate decor, complete with flickering dim lighting -- which unfortunately posed an unexpected hurdle for my husband who had trouble seeing anything without his reading glasses.
Shreeyl l.