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The Wizard’s Lair

The Wizard's Lair

About The Experience

The Wizard’s Lair is a fantasy-themed escape room designed and conceptualized by The Ultimate Escape Rooms.
You are trapped in the lair of a powerful wizard! There’s magic all around you, but you only have 60 minutes to escape or risk being trapped in the enchanted hide-away forever.
Will the sorcery that the den beholds bewitch you? Or will you resist the wondrous forces and find your way back to freedom?
Make a reservation today and discover if you have the power within you to defeat the mighty wizard!

Games are available by appointment in addition to the below options. Please call 805-857-0777 to schedule for same day play reservation.

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We had a team of four players/ family members that attempted the Wizards Lair. The challenge is definitely there. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely. The Dungeon Master Rona has so much passion for his craft. He made this night out a night to remember. If you are at the Ventura Harbor and need a little fun in your life. This is the place to go!
Jeffrey H.
This was my first virtual escape room and first experience w/the Ultimate Escape Rooms. Our group did the Wizard's Lair and escaped, barely! I found that the virtual experience was a nice alternative due to the pandemic. It's great to be able to play with friends who are in other parts of the country! I look forward to trying them in person. They were helpful in helping our group get scheduled at a time we requested and the rules were clearly explained to us at the beginning of the game.
Saby K.
Did the wizards lair and it was soooooooo hard! We've never not finished a room and we did not even come close haha. The room master was great and the atmosphere was good.
Kathy Van Horn