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Twisted Tales

Twisted Tales

About The Experience

When you were a child and you were read a bedtime story, your imagination brought the story to life, creating a link between fantasy and reality. These links are portals, allowing fantasy to seep into reality. Once the story is finished, the main characters live happily ever after, the villains are vanquished, and these links are closed.
Today you have been summoned on a mission because a child has nodded off to sleep before finishing their bedtime story, mixing dreamland with fantasy. The villains have taken this opportunity to use the magic of the child’s imagination to twist the stories and change their endings, and now it is up to you to set them right.
You have been granted the power to rewind from “The End” to “Once Upon a Time” and save the child’s innocent heart. You must remain unnoticed by the child and the villains, while you have 60 minutes before sunrise to return to the story and right the wrongs before the magic of storyland becomes forever corrupted.

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